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Our history

FKF-100% healthy and Plant-Based products – was founded in September, 2013 with the idea of satisfying the most demanding markets by offering plant-based products, taking care of the environment and providing a healthy nutrition to its clients.

Our mission

To develop and market quality and harmless products for the well-being of our consumers

Meet the latest national and international quality standards and generate value for our employees and customers. always with environmental and social accountability

Our vision

To be a leading company in innovation, elaboration and commercialization of vegan products in the national and international market.

Always comply with quality and safety standards, to meet the needs of our customers


Slaughtered animals

80 billion animals are slaughtered annually for human consumption.

Source PETA (people for the ethical threat of animals) 


Water shortage

20% of the fresh water consumption in the world is due to livestock farming.

Source United Nations


Humanity at risk

About 25 million people die every year due to overweight and obesity

75% of new contagious diseases come from animals.

Source WHO (world health organization United Nations)


Planet at risk

65% of nitrous oxide emissions come from animal agriculture.

15% of the total greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture

Source university of Colorado

At FKF we are committed to being the most reliable company in the world and we meet 8 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.

We understand our work as a means to generate value for our suppliers customers and families

We have only dire do things well by strengthening our values ethics and teamwork Always committed to the protection of the environment and the animal world

Plant-Based burgers are more like meat than it looks

The demand for meatless food is growing rapidly. In 2018, total US retail sales of plant-based meat increased by more than 23%, surpassing US$760 million



Plant-Based consumers in Latin America

The adoption of eating 100% healthy foods, the adoption of veganism and vegetarianism, ethical sustainability concerns and the demand for Plant-Based food with high nutritional value is growing in Latin America



Our team (FKF) has the most modem and technological Plant-Based food plant in Latin America. First class infrastructure with modern facilities and state-of-the-art machinery with the highest quality standards and a highly qualified team in both quality management and supply chain processes.

Additionally, we count with high-quality supplies from Hydrosol, a German conglomerate industry with worldwide recognition. With our formula we make the best Plant-Based products, making us a unique food processing plant in the region


We are Certified

Alianzas Bluegrace Energy Bolivia

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